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Liquid Art Winery & Estate is perched on top of fractured limestone and flint covered hillsides, in an area that was once an ancient mountain range. The terroir of the area replicates the soil profile and terrain of some of the most prominent grape- growing regions in the world, allowing us to craft premium wines from old-world grape varietals using sustainable viticulture.


Executing this venture in Kansas may seem impossible and questionable to some but the soil and typography in our area is ideal for grape growing. We take pride in the quality of our fruit and are utilizing the art of barrel aging to craft premium red wines. There are flavors, aromas and other complexities in barrel aging that cannot be achieved by any other means.

In 2021, we began aging our Kansas grown grapes in oak barrels. The same wine can age in two different barrels but what is bottled will not taste the same. Tradition has it that after oak aging, multiple barrels are blended together.

To showcase the complexity and art of winemaking, each of our barrels are bottled as its own stand alone wine-- lending its name “Single Barrel”. Less than 295 bottles are bottled from each barrel-- crafting a small batch rarity that cannot be replicated in other vintages.

Wine gets better with age and even better in oak.

Barrel Notes

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