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20/ 20

Days after my 30th birthday, I was blinded in an accident.
What followed was one of life’s greatest challenges
coupled with life’s greatest lessons.

- David Tegtmeier, Winemaker
Manhattan, Kansas

In March 2021, the 20/20 wine series was released. Dave shares his journey of being blind in a way that he knows best - through wine. Expressing his experience through four important virtues and the lessons he learned along the way: Hope, Humor, Humility, and Perseverance. May you gain as much perspective as we have through our labels.


Cabernet Sauvignon

"When you strip away life’s distractions, you are reminded of the gifts that matter most. Many people looked at me after the accident and saw the gift that had been taken away. But over time, I started noticing all the gifts that had always been around, but I hadn’t noticed in all their detail - the different nuances to sounds, the incredible detail to my daughter’s hand, and the simple pleasure of a friendly visit with no rush. How ironic that during a time when one of life’s greatest gifts was taken from me, I found even more waiting for me. And perhaps that is the greatest lesson of all. If you take a look around, there are blessings everywhere, even in the most unexpected circumstances. Surprisingly, it doesn’t always require eyes to find them. Enjoy the simple things - they really are the best things - and it really is all you need."

- David Tegtmeier


COLOR: Medium ruby with garnet highlights

NOSE: Bramble (blackberry, black currant, raspberry) with a hint of tobacco, thyme and black pepper.

PALATE: Medium-bodied with velvety tannins.  Notes of black cherry, damson plum, blackberry and hints of nutmeg.

PAIRING: Flank steak, prime rib, black pepper or plum sauce.

Tasting Notes

COLOR: Medium straw gold.

NOSE: Ripe yellow apple and pear followed by vanilla and sweet coconut.

PALATE: Aged on American oak. Full-bodied with notes of ripe pear, vanilla, brioche and butterscotch.

PAIRING: Chicken with marsala cream sauce, pork with apple sauce or cherry glaze.

Tasting Notes


Reserve Chardonnay

"The first days after my accident were filled with extreme darkness - both figuratively and literally. It was hard to grasp the possibility of never seeing my family again or mixing another tank of wine. Then one day, my favorite song came on the radio, and I stood up, called for my wife and daughter - and we danced - smack dab in the middle of the day in the middle of the living room in the middle of a crisis. I realized in that moment you can’t let the darkness rob you of the best life has to offer. Life will undoubtedly offer times of uncertainty and darkness. Keep hope alive. Don’t miss out. Dance in the dark."

- David Tegtmeier

COLOR: Almost black ruby with crimson on the edge.

NOSE: Earthy with notes of raspberry and black currant. Hints of cinnamon and cloves.

PALATE: Notes of raspberry, blackberry, and wild plum.

PAIRING: Pork, steak, cream sauce.


Petite Pearl

"When your sight is compromised, your imagination comes alive. The days and months after my accident left me with less distractions and more time to think. I had always had high aspirations, especially when it came to winemaking, but being blind posed a new set of challenges to accomplishing them. While most people saw the limitations, I chose to see the possibilities. I thought up more ideas - both good and bad, and some people might say crazy - during my time of blindness than I ever thought possible. It turns out that eyes aren’t required for dreaming, and I’m convinced some of the best ideas are born of darkness. This wine just happens to be one of them. Never let a change of circumstance limit your dreams. If you can imagine it, you can do it."

-David Tegtmeier

Tasting Notes

COLOR: Pale straw, light gold.

NOSE: Apple, ripe anjou pear and elder flower.

PALATE: Full-bodied with notes of pear.  Aged in stainless steel, resulting in the varietal itself being highlighted with its bright acidity and clean finish.

PAIRING: Seafood, chicken with a light-bodied sauce.


Unoaked Chardonnay

"Life is good at handing out unexpected surprises, which inevitably changes things. And while I knew my accident would change me, I wanted it to be a change for the better. Staying lighthearted isn’t always easy, but it sure does make the days easier. When I went in for my first transplant after a year of blindness, I was prepped and waiting for surgery when my wife grabbed a pair of googly eyes off the hospital wall and stuck them on my glasses. There I sat - completely blind and waiting for a surgery that held only a possibility of restoring my vision - wearing a pair of eyeballs that were so big they took up half my forehead. It was a serious situation made bearable by a room full of smiles. Take a lighthearted view of trouble. View it as a challenge and look for positive ways to overcome it. And smile along the way. Laughter really is the best medicine."

-David Tegtmeier

Tasting Notes


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