Picturesque Wedding Venue
in the heart of the Flint Hills


Liquid Art Winery wedding couple

Liquid Art Winery & Estate is a family-owned vineyard and wedding venue tucked away off Wildcat Creek Road just over a mile west of Manhattan. Perched on top of a hill with 360-degree views of vineyards sweeping the sides of the surrounding Flint Hills, our venue offers three distinctly picturesque locations to say "I Do." 

In keeping with the natural Kansas landscape, our Event Center offers an open-concept floor plan appropriately adorned with cedar beams and floor-to-ceiling windows so you and your guests can take in the beauty of the surrounding vistas during your reception.


Additionally, choose to host the ceremony indoors in front of our signature wine barrel pyramid, or embrace the beauty of the Kansas prairie with an outdoor ceremony in our two other locations: The Oak Grove Amphitheater or the Vineyard Knoll.

Banquet style seating capacity: 50 - 300 guests

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The Estate - Outdoors

Liquid Art Overhead
Tasting Room entrance
Outdoor patio with view of the flint hills
Welcome to Liquid Art
People on the outdoor patio
Wedding gathering at Liquid Art
People enjoying cornhole
Wedding dress by the vineyard
Couple holding hands in the vineyard
Bride and groom in the vineyard
Bride and groom in the vineyard
Couple strolling through the vineyard
Couple walking with arms around each other
People playing cornhole
Outdoor bocce ball
Bride and groom vineyard intimate moment
Bride and groom holding hands
Wedding guests walking up path
Bride and groom by the vines
Bride and groom next to barrels of wine
Bride and groom dancing in the sunset
Bride with flowers by barrels
Couple staring into each others eyes
Bride next to wine barrels
Bride and groom dancing in vineyard
Bride and groom walking through the vineyard
Wedding guests group picture
Wedding bridesmaids and groomsmen
Wedding guests from a distance
Bride in vineyard
Liquid Art outdoors
Bride holding white flowers
Wedding guests outside
Couple on the vineyard hill
Wedding dress on patio
Bride sqaud
Bride and bridesmaids
Bride touching groom in vineyard
Bride holding flowers next to groom
Groom resting head on bride
Bride and groom with vineyard in the distance
Bride and groom kissing in the sunset
Bride and groom on the prairie
Couple kissing in the prairie
Bride and groom in the prairie
Couple walking down path in vineyard
Couple holding hands on path
Couple holding each other
Couple holding hands dusk sky
Bride walking behind groom
Bride and groom dancing in snow
Groom kissing bride on forehead
Bride and groom smiling
Bridesmaids and groomsmen group picture
Bridesmaids holding up flowers
Bridesmaids with backs turned
Bridesmaids looking at each other
Bridesmaids with gold dresses
Hanging wedding dress
Liquid Art Winery view
Couple with red and white flowers
Couple walking down rock path
Bride in the vineyard with flowers
Bride and groom together
Bride smiling
Bridesmaids with maroon dresses
Bride and bridesmaid
Couple in long prairie grass
Wedding couple night sky
Couple with blue suit and pink dress
Couple amongst the vines
Bride holding groom hand
Bride and groom in front of barrels
Bride and groom on gravel road
Couple and guests excited
Bride and groom happy
Couple kissing with view of vineyard
Bride and groom kissing at dusk
Bride and groom in white
Bride and groom greyscale
Couple hugging on patio
Groom smiling with bride behind
Bride holding white flowers on rock path
Wedding guests in front of green bus
Couple in front of green bus
Bride and groom dancing in sunset
Smiling couple
Bride and groom in sun glare
Bride and groom sun glare kiss
Bride and groom in empty field
Groomsmen sunglasses
Bride and groom cloudy skies
Bride and groom beautiful sunset
Groom holding up bride at sunset

Event Center - Indoors

Table with greenery and candles
Dessert table with barrels
Happy bride and groom
Bride with big smile next to groom
Long table setup for wedding
Man giving speech at wedding
Barrel with decorations
Live music wedding
Bride and groom dancing the live music
Liquid Art Winery wedding ceremony
Bride and father dance at wedding
Table and chairs wedding
Wedding cheers
Bride and groom dance in front of table
Table with sign
Wedding guests on the dance floor
Wedding dress hanging on barrels
Bride and groom kissing greyscale
Wedding guests with pink dresses
Bride walking with pink flowers
Wedding guests getting dessert
Wedding guests
Woman holding a drink at wedding
Two men getting drinks at wedding
Wedding guests
Wedding guests from above
Wedding guests from a distance
Woman giving speech at wedding
Man giving speech to wedding guests
Couple kissing at wedding
Bride and groom slow dance
People going through tunnel at wedding
Table of sweet treats
Bride and groom by wedding cake
Bride and groom laughing
Bridesmaids and groomsmen Willy the Wildcat
White wedding cake
Wedding gathering from above
Table with white flowers and barrels
Bridesmaids and groomsmen at table
Wedding Liquid Art
Indoor Wedding Ceremony
Wedding Ceremony Liquid Art
Bride and groom dancing up close
Bridesmaid giving a speech
Bride and groom giving speech
Wedding dance Liquid Art
Wedding guests on balcony
Wedding guests sitting at tables
Wedding dance with sun beaming
Bride and groom cutting cake
Man standing up with microphone at wedding
Bride and groom walking down aisle

Oak Grove Amphitheater

Offers an intimate outdoor setting nestled among the Estate vineyard. Guests enter through an pergola covered in grape vines and stroll between two vineyard rows, making their way to our natural wood benches to watch you exchange vows on a stage framed by cedar beams and centered between two beautiful oak trees.

Wedding dress in grapevines
Bride in grapevines
Wedding in oak grove
Bride and groom with pastor
Bride and groom holding arms
Groom seeing bride in dress
Bride with groom outside
Bride and groom walking through vineyard
Bridesmaids and groomsmen linking arms
Barrel with white flowers
Full wedding in oak grove
Bride and groomsmen
Bride and groom smiling in oak grove
Bride and groom in vineyard
Bride and groom in vineyard backs turned
Groom kissing bride on top of head
Bridesmaids and groomsmen walking through vineyard
Bride holding grooms arm
Bride and groom in vineyard by building
Bride and bridesmaids in oak grove
Bride and groom in oak grove wedding
Father and bride walking down aisle
Bride and groom in the vines
Bride and groom looking down in vineyard
Wedding in oak grove
Flower girl in aisle
Wedding flowers
Bride in vineyard with flowers
Bride and bridesmaid in vineyard
Groom waiting for bride
Wedding flower girls
Bride and little girl beside
Flower girls walking down aisle
Women walking with boy down aisle
Couple kissing in oak grove
Wedding in oak grove
Bride and groom kiss in oak grove
Bride and groom walk up aisle
Bride and groom walking away
Woman with little boy and girl
Bride on rock stairs
Man with little girl at wedding
Bride and groom staring into eyes
Wedding boy
Couple kissing with arms around each other
Wedding in oak grove
Mom and dad with bride
Wedding in oak grove
Little boy running down aisle
Men standing in aisle with bride and groom
Bride and bridesmaids smiling
Groomsmen with sunglasses
Couple linking arms walking down aisle
Wedding in oak grove
Bride and groom kiss
Wedding in oak grove

Vineyard Knoll

Offers a breathtaking backdrop for your vows with unobstructed views of the scenic hillsides. Guests will make their way down a path flanked by vineyards to a wide-open grassy meadow where they will watch you exchange vows with the rolling Flint Hills behind you. 

Wedding vineyard knoll
Wedding vineyard knoll ceremony
Wedding vineyard knoll empty
Bridesmaids and groomsmen walking down path together
Wedding couple walking down path
Wedding vineyard knoll flowers
Wedding vineyard knoll
Wedding vineyard knoll
Bride and groom kiss in vineyard knoll
Bride and groom in field
Bride and groom in vineyard greyscale
Bridesmaids and groomsmen
Bridesmaids and groomsmen dancing in the sun
Bride and groom Flint Hills
Bridesmaids and groomsmen group picture
Wedding vineyard knoll celebration
Bride and groom Flint Hills
Wedding vineyard knoll cloudy skies
Beautiful wedding vineyard knoll
Wedding vineyard knoll Liquid Art
Wedding guests outside at Liquid Art
Wedding vineyard knoll
Bride and groom stand
Bride and groom on path
Bride and groom touching hands
Bride and groom walk down vineyard

Bride's Room

Our bride's room, located in our event center, has an oversized window that offers an abundance of natural lighting.  Hair stylists and make-up artists are welcome to join you and your wedding party the morning of to get ready!

Inclusive of two vanities, a full-length mirror, a closet for gowns, and a private restroom. 

Bride opening note in bride's room
Bride looking out window
Bride looking out window fixing earring
Lady fixing bride's dress
Bride wedding dress
Chairs in bride's room
Little girl and women in bride's room
Bride posing greyscale
Bride in mirror
Bridesmaid and bride
Little girl in mirror
Bride's room decorations
Bride and woman in mirror
Lady fixing back of bride's dress
Bride and bridesmaids in mirror
Bride getting hair curled
Women getting hair done in bride's room
Bride getting ready in bride's room
Bride and bridesmaids in bride's room
Bride reading note
Bride in mirror fixing earring
Happy bride in bride's room
Woman holding flowers and drink
Bride's room cheers
Woman and little girl in bride's room
Lady fixing back of bride's dress
Bride's room cheers
Bridesmaids looking at bride through doorway
Bride in front of window holding flowers
Wedding dress in window
Lady zipping up bride's dress
Getting ready in bride's room
Women in bride's room
Bride posing with dress on
Bridesmaids getting ready
Bride putting on shoes
Bride smiling and looking out window

Groom's Room

  Sliding double wood doors connects our groom's room to our event center's mezzanine balcony.  This private dressing room is included in our wedding packages and is inclusive of a couch set, wine barrel table, tux rack, full length mirror and big screen TV.

Groomsmen sitting on couch
Groom and groomsmen fixing bowtie
Groom's room watching tv
Groom's room mirror
Man fixing tie in groom's room
Lady and man in groom's room
Man sitting on couch in Groom's room
Man fixing sleeve in groom's room
Groom's room Liquid Art
Three men in groom's room
Men fixing each others outfit in groom's room
Man putting on socks in groom's room
Tying tie in mirror
Men looking in the mirror

Ceremony - Indoors

Bride and groom kiss at indoor wedding ceremony
Wedding ceremony Liquid Art
Father and bride walk down aisle
Bride and groom in wedding ceremony
Bride and groom walk up aisle
Bridesmaid fixes bride's dress
Flower girls with pink dresses
Bride walking down stairs
Bride with big smile greyscale
Bride at indoor wedding ceremony
Bride and groom with pastor
Wedding ceremony picture greyscale
Wedding ceremony from above
Wedding ceremony from above greyscale
Bride and groom hug and kiss
Bride and groom walk up aisle looking at each other

We have developed strong relationships with several local caterers, hotels, and wedding planners to ensure you get quality products and attentive service at your event.

We trust these partners to provide an unforgettable experience!