Liquid Art Wines

SEYVAL BLANC - dry, acidic white; notes of citrus and creamy peach
'TROPICAL' BRIANNA - crisp, dry white; notes of pineapple and citrus
VINO BLANC - dry, white blend; notes of tropical fruits, peach and nectarine
SUNSET WHITE - semi-sweet white blend; notes of nectarine, lychee, tropical fruits and coconut
ROSÉ - semi-sweet blush; notes of strawberry and floral aromas
WINEMAKER'S ROSÉ - semi-dry blush; notes of ripe peach and mango (also sold in KS liquor stores)
WINEMAKER'S RED - light bodied Cabernet Sauvignon based red blend with notes of vanilla and blackberries, similar to a Pinot Noir (also sold in KS liquor stores)
RED BLEND  - full bodied dry red; notes of plum and cherry
CRIMSON CABERNET - medium bodied red; notes of raspberry, plum, blackberry & dark chocolate.  Crimson Cabernet is a daughter grape to Cabernet Sauvignon, grown locally in Chapman, KS
SUNSET RED - full bodied dry red; notes of ripe fruit and raspberry
ARONIA - semi-sweet fruit wine with rich, earthy aromas.  One of less than 20 wineries in U.S. who make wine from aronia berries.  Fruit grown locally in Clay Center, KS.
SWEET BRIANNA - sweet white; notes of ripe peach and lemongrass

MOSCATO - sweet white; notes of apricot, ripe melons and tangerine
EGYPTIAN WATERMELON - semi-sweet 100% watermelon fruit wine, machine processed from Egyptian watermelons - one of a kind varietal, grown in KS  (also sold in KS liquor stores)
SAVANNAH'S WATERMELON - sweet 100% watermelon fruit wine, variety of KS watermelons blended together and hand processed.  Small batch and aged for over one year.


Liquid Art Winery
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