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  • Pasture raised, cage free on the winery property

  • Organically free range

  • High in Omega 3



Dave's first business was selling eggs and it is also Savannah's.  In January 2021, she bought four laying hens with her Christmas money.  With her incubator always full, her flock has grown to over 170 chickens.

With her trusty kitty, CousCous, always in tow-- this little lady helps with all the chores and hand gathers the eggs.

During warmer seasons, you'll see the chickens in the vineyard with their mobile "Hen Den".  This is an organic way to control pests and fertilize the vineyard.

Her laying hens are happy and healthy-- laying enough eggs that she can share her hand gathered, farm fresh, pasture raised eggs with our guests.

Savannah wants you to feel egg-stra special-- with one unique, hand colored egg in each carton.


Eggs are restocked weekly and available for purchase in the Tasting Room.

  • $4/dozen

  • $2.50/half dozen

  • Chicken Farmer Special, depending on egg production: 2 for $5


Thank you for supporting this little entrepreneur!


Pastured eggs